08 July, 2014

Something to inspire myself

Yes, this post is purely to inspire me! It's full of piccies of my beautiful baby girl & the slow growing Crochet Mood Blanket - I'm still trying to catch up with the squares but I thought if I'd put up some pics with my baby girl in them you can see the size of the blanket by using her for scale!
Trying to get her to sit still for the shoots took a lot of raspberry blowing, giggles, jiggles & waving of a cracker.
 She's 9.5mths old in these piccies, I took the photo's last week.
Baby Laney is small for her age, instead of being in clothes size 6-12mths (0 size), she is still in 3-6mth size (00 size).
I'm in no hurry for her to grow up or grow in size, I think she is adorable & perfect just as she is.
 hey there baby girl, love you!