30 July, 2014

Recipe: Slow Cooker Lasagne

This is the easier ever way to make a lasagne - nothing is cooked on the stove, nothing baked in the oven, it's all done in the slow cooker on your benchtop AND there is only the one thing to wash - just the slow cooker dish! Too easy!

please excuse the crappy photo but it was taken at night on my phone!
You will need:
Mince - any type, the quantities are up to you (I have used chicken mince) BUT you don't need to use mince, you could use tin of green or brown lentils instead.
Tin Tomatoes - I used a 810gm tin of crushed tomatoes but next time I will use double that quantity to get an extra saucy lasagne!
1/4c of red lentils - again, not necessary but it is a 'meal extender' & good for you!
Herbs - I use whatever I have in my spice rack, normally minced garlic, parsley & basil
Lasagne sheets - the fresh ones from the fridge section of your supermarket (not the dry ones)
Grated cheese

You could of course also add finely chopped onion, grated carrot & sweet potato, corn beans etc.  You could also use finely sliced vegetables such as zucchini or eggplant instead of the lasagne sheets as well.

Firstly we make the sauce part of the lasagne, this cooks all day long & towards the end of the day we turn it into lasagne.

The Sauce:
Turn the slow cooker to HIGH & add the mince (if using) - I just scrape it into the slow cooker with a fork, I don't do anything fancy with it.
Sprinkle over the lentils (perhaps onions or carrots etc if you are using them).
Sprinkle of some of the herbs.
Cover with the tin tomatoes and then sprinkle the basil straight on top of it.
Put the lid on the slow cooker, turn it to auto & leave it be. I don't touch it again until late afternoon.

To turn it into lasagne...
At around 4pm or as soon as you walk thru the door at night (after a hard days work!),
Turn the slow cooker up to High and stir the sauce & break up the mince (if using) into small pieces.
Spoon 4/5ths of the sauce out of the slow cooker into a dish. (oops, a second thing to wash!)
Spread the remaining sauce over the bottom of the slow cooker & add the first lasagne sheets.
Cover the lasagne sheets with sauce & keep repeating this process until you have the last two lasagne sheets left.
Place the remaining two lasagne sheets on & cover them with grated cheese - be generous with the cheese as this is the 'cheese sauce'.
Now, depending on the time, if you have over an hour left until dinner time then put the lid on & turn back to auto but if dinner time is near, then put the lid on & leave on high.

Serve, enjoy, wash the dishes then come back here & tell me if you liked the recipe - was it tasty, was it easy???


  1. I have an easier recipe...http://yardsalesandcrochet.blogspot.com/2014/06/crockpot-lasagna.html

    1. Ahh, well that is a matter of opinion!!
      Mine is cooked 100% in the slow cooker, no browning meat first & I don't use a spaghetti sauce, just good old plain tin tomatoes.. but the truth is in the tasting & traditions of the family AND the preference of the cook! Thanks for checking out the recipe, isn't it weird how we have different names for our cookers!


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