02 July, 2014

A moody update

Hello July! Wow, can you believe that we are half way through the year already! My lil baby girl will be 10 months old next week and I've already started to think about Christmas!
Now that we are into the seventh month, I thought I'd better make an attempt to catch up on my Crochet Mood Blanket, remember it's a small square for every day & a bigger square for every week....  well, surprise surprise, I've fallen behind joining them!

This is what the blanket is looking like so far but below will show you all the squares that I have still got to join.
 And below is what they looked like all stacked up, eeps, a there's over 50 to join!
Have you started a year long project before.... it's a long time & a lot of hard work.
And oh, are you thinking Christmas thoughts yet too??
Also, if you are in Australia, have you entered the giveaway to win some super handy reusable pouches ~~ enter here ~~


  1. Sorry I am not in Australia it seems such a beautiful place! I really like your blanket. This is one of the few years I don't have my shopping done, at least some! I am working on a scrappy trip around the world. I think it will take quite awhile to get through rounds on Flickr. But it seems one of the few things I can keep up with this year. I am really good the first few quarters then something else comes along! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. Wow - you're good to be thinking about Christmas already. My only thoughts are that this year I want to do LESS. My children need LESS not more. Well, that's my thinking for now anyhow... I wonder if I'll stick to it.

  3. Oops... and I forgot to mention that I love your little stack of squares. They'll get joined in their own time... as the mood suits ;)


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