16 July, 2014

A pat on the back is needed please.

I have finally, finally managed to catch up on my Crochet Mood Blanket!  Whoo hoo!!!!!!!
...that is until Sunday then I will have a weeks worth to add to it!
So, tell me.... does it look ok? Does it look too bitsy?
It's really hard to get a photo of, so below is a scale photo with my scuffed blundstone boots & daggy blue carpet...
But let's take it back to the clothesline shots, they look better even if you can see the nasty metal fence at the back of the yard!
Actually, I am thinking it is looking really pretty - I hadn't really looked at it from a distance before!
 ...excuse the neighbours house in the background - they look down into our yard, ugh!


  1. Wow!! I was just wondering the other day if there was anyone out there who had stuck with the crochet mood blanket thing. Yours looks amazing!! Well done. x

    1. 365 is a lot of days, a lot of squares! Some people went the complicated route - charting their moods & their blankets. Some people chose really big squares! I tried to think what it would look like in 3mths, 6mths, how will it look for my bday in October & Christmas, that is why I chose small squares & pre-picked the yarn to dive into to make the squares.

      Oh & thanks for the 'amazing' compliment, it's appreciated!

  2. Isn't that funny, I never look at my stuff from far away either! I bet it looks totally different.


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