09 July, 2014

A Creative Exchange - the making

You may remember me telling you about a Creative Exchange swap (this is what I sent & this is what I received), anyway, the time came to make something from what I received.
I put my thinking cap on & thought I could make a garland for my mum's 70th birthday which is coming up.  You see she has been a knitter & spinner for about 40 years, so I thought it would be kinda cute to add something woolly to the birthday festivities.

I think I missed the deadline for entering the 'what was made' part of the swap, silly me thought I had until the end of June for that!
So I picked a colour up, pulled it into a strand, poke it a lot with the needle and formed a circle, then did the same with the next colour the next.
Not very technical but it is time consuming, this is what I have so far.
Does it look ok  or maybe a little too umm, odd?

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