16 May, 2014

A Creative Exchange - the receiving

Do you remember how I signed up for the Creative Exchange? Well, I received the best mail today...a package full of creative goodness! Yay!
My swap partner was very thoughtful and sent me a message to let me know that the parcel had been delayed in sending and for me not to fret that I'd been forgotten! Wasn't that a sweet thing to do because I NeVeR have any luck with swaps & I would have gotten down in the dumps waiting for a parcel to arrive every day!

Anyway, it sure was worth the wait!  Check out all the goodies!  My swap partner stalked me really well!  She include all of my interests & even things to make for my sweet bubba Joe!
Here are two ace felt kits to make into 'food', bubba Joe was sure excited to see these & insisted that I make these "now Mumma" but I had to explain to him that I will make them for him but perhaps can he have a play outside first & then after Mumma has finished crocheting the dress for baby Laney then she'll make these for him!  ....here's to hoping that'll give me a couple of days before he remembers to ask me about them!
 How about these gorgeous hand-made paper & envelopes for my penpals!
Did you see that gorgeous woollen bag, it contained a stack of wool & needles for needle felting!  I haven't needle felted for years so, yay!
Hmm, what should I make with the needle felting? Make something for me or looking at the colours, it kind of reminds me of a pizza.....maybe a felt pizza for his play café?

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