09 May, 2014

Taa daa: A little boy & his scarf!

I made Joe a scarf!
It took me over a year to do it.... Hey! I'm not that slow, it was just my 'car craft' project, you know, the project that you keep in the car to stave off boredom.
Joe is happy with it (phew!), I made it short enough so that he couldn't wind around his neck but wide enough to tuck into his coat & tuck under his chin to keep him toasty warm.
 But wait, there's more....
See that awful line? That is wear there were two knots in the yarn. Yes, two!  Not only are knots friggin' annoying but they didn't bother to match the colour gradient/striping - how slack is that!
The finished scarf with the knots cut off & sewn in - what do you think? Isn't that line hideous?

So... you do Car Craft too right? Do you knit, crochet, sew in the car? 
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