19 May, 2014

Made It Monday


There are 52 weeks in a year yet they can disappear so fast, I just wanted to take a few minutes each Monday to capture (in a few words) where did the week go and to share what was made/seen/baked/eaten/heard.
Come on in & join me...

Made: ..I still have a bit of a sore back so I'm not as agile at the moment. I've taken to sitting & resting and catching up one my Crochet Mood Blanket.
Heard: "I picked up the cempaped Mumma & put it in the toywet"  What??  "Joe, why did you put the centipede in the toilet? "Cos I don't wike dem"
Saw: A lady in her 30's sitting at the bus stop knitting socks...but wait, yep I walked up to her, started chatting & then flashed her my knitted socks that I was wearing... *sigh*
Eaten: I've been making 'face sandwiches' for lunches, I long for the old days when I used to eat proper adult food not toddler food!

How was your week?

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