14 May, 2014

Vikings & Crochet

So... what do Vikings & crochet have in common hmm?
Well, when I say Vikings I mean the show, Vikings on SBS, have you seen it?  I watch it, sometimes with eyes-screwed-shut-kinda through the gory bits but I still have my attention completely on it.
Now, what does this have to do with crochet? 
You see, I've discovered after seeing numerous errors in my work that I can't crochet & watch Vikings at the same time!  I get so engrossed in the show that I screw up the pattern!

So, hand slapped, no more crocheting whilst watching Vikings, Wallander or Food Safari or Lewis!
What shows distract you from crafting? (or what shows are soooo boring (like cricket) that they drive you to crafting!!


  1. I've been knitting while watching Downton Abbey, but I wouldn't knit to Grimm or 24 or The Following - too much going on.

  2. I too can't watch anything too gripping and crochet, far too many mistakes


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