24 May, 2014

Stash building

Ok, so back in January I decided that I would do my best to Use What I Have and honestly I have ..but.. it's just so hard! I want too, oh trust me, I want too but when I look at yarn that I purchased 5 years ago, today I don't know what to do with it!  So... in order to use my 'stockpiles', I have to add new stock to my stash (say that fast!) to inspire ideas & get projects started (& finished)!

That means looking through patterns, blogs & magazines to find out what I want to make, then making a dive into the stash to see what I have & what I need to complete this! 
Some of the yarn that I have purchased has been sourced either via etsy or ebay and not from my LYS because well, basically the lady that runs the shop just sucks the life out of me, she is just so depressing and should be running a morgue or something not a funky yarn store.
The fabric has come from interesting places, would you believe that most of it has come from destash sales on Instagram!  I also stumbed across this site the other day, CupoNation has some great deals - discounted fabric eg. Fabric.com Couponsnow you can't argue with that!
I also stocked up on a couple of patterns from Ravelry too... so, there you have it, I purchased to destash! 
Ahh, feels good to 'come clean' about it!  It makes sense right, stocking up provides me with ideas to make stuff utilising my old stash & my new stash??

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  1. Anonymous25 May, 2014

    Oh, I love those yarns! I do this quite often, I find this little bit of something in my stash and have to spend about three times it´s worth to get enough material to make some sort of project :-)

  2. it's always the way!!


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