13 May, 2014

Designing a dress: The Yarn Talker Dress

I've been putting my thinking cap on lately & set my fingers working to try to design a top-down knitted dress for my baby girl.
I searched online for patterns but they all had fancy stitches & fancy patterns to them but I wanted something that would show off the lovely yarn.
So I draw, I knit, I assess, I undo...over & over & over again!
This is now the fourth attempt, I am happy with it so far & am now off to see if I can work the underarms (without too much undo & redo's!)

Or...have I missed something, do you know of an simple, easy top-down knitted baby girl dress?
What do you think of the name, The Yarn Talker Dress? Is it too weird or do you think it sounds nice?