20 May, 2014

A trimmings challenge

"What do you do with your scraps?" 
That is the question that Umbrella Prints asked us, so I took the challenge and participated in their Trimmings Competition!

I ordered my trimming package, patiently waited for it to arrive in the post all the while I was running ideas over in my head!
When it finally arrived, I ripped into the packaging, thought about what to make for a couple of days then cleared my kitchen table & sat down with a pot of glue & a balloon!
I cut the fabric into strips and squares & glued & glued & glued!
I hung the balloon up to dry and the next day, it looked like this, (see piccie below) then I just had to pop the balloon & peel it away from the bowl. I then trimmed the edges & voila!
So, what do you think, do you think it can compete with all the actual sewn projects that I'm sure it will be up against? 
When I first ordered the pack, I was thinking of originally sewing hexi's out of them but when I received the pack, the fabric was all sorts of different weight scraps - thick & thin, so hexi's weren't going to work that is when papier mache sprang to mind!


  1. Very cool! What kind of glue did you use? Does it work best with fabric glue or does it matter?

  2. Ahh, good question! I just used PVA glue (from the toolbox!)
    Cheers, Rie
    ps.. if you make one, remember to show me, I'd love to see!

  3. This is fab, I love love love the fabric!!

  4. I really love your little bowl!


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