01 January, 2012

Hello Twelve

Ahh, a new year, welcome 2012, welcome.
So Twelve, what shall we do this year? Will we be friends & have fun & adventures & laugh a lot? I hope so, I don't want the opposite of that, nope, not indeed.
I have some ideas Twelve, some great ideas on what we can do together.
We can try our best to make do.
Yep, make do! That's going to be our catch phrase for this year.

We shall try our bestest to Make Do with what we have.
We shall try our bestest to Make Do with all the zillions of crafty stuff that I have & either make it or give it away.
We shall try our bestest to read &/or use every book we have.
We shall try our bestest indeed.
And to support us along the way, I'm going to blog it all Twelve. If it's blogged, then it's a promise to myself that I'll do it.  And yes Twelve, I am aware that we may not complete it all in 2012, we have to have Thirteen & maybe Fourteen to help too.
After I nearly quit my blog a few months back, I had to sit back & try to remember why I started this blog... I remembered that I started it for me, for my record of my crafts, memorable events & other stuff. So I'm getting it back on track with that, it's going back to being my blog and not what I felt it had to become!
So my dear bloggy readers, there will be some changes to the crafyrie blog this year, I'll be adding tabs to the top of the page & adding my (shame) Make Do lists for Crafts, Books & even Food. Yep, I'll be trying out all those recipes scattered around the house, stuck in books & recording those that worked. I hope you stick around, it's been great having you here!
Happy New Year to you, your family & friends.
Love Rie.


  1. Happy New Year Rie!! Here's to a fabulous 2012 :) Kx

  2. Hi Rie, I wish you a very happy and pieceful year.

  3. sounds good to me! wishing your bestests dreams come true dear rie!
    p.s. :):):) but don´t know what a milo is. :)
    p.s.s. am obsessed with the tv show offspring. you being an aussie girl- thought you´d get it. :)
    big hugs!

  4. Thanks for the invite to join The Directory! As a result I have joined your blog! I can understand the stress of your 2011 as I have had some in the last 6 months..YES on to a better health year in both our families and I also am trying to work through my WIPs and stash..it is going to be hard, but we can do it...or at least try!

  5. Sounds like a really good plan, and I look forward to reading your blog posts about it!


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