02 September, 2010

My Creative Space

The blanket is growing (slowly) and my belly is growing (big!!!).
I've been crocheting the ends in as I go, the only end sticking out is from the very first row.
Do you crochet in as you go or do you leave them until you finish then sew them in?
Are you joining in with Kootoyoo's My Creative Space?


  1. That's a beautiful blanket - I haven't attempted anything that big yet. I'm a crochet novice and it hadn't occurred to me to crochet the ends in as I go but it makes sense - so thank you for that time-saver!

  2. Beautiful..I tend to weave in after just because in my head they are jarred in there tighter ha ha...Hope you finish soon :)

  3. That is some nice crocheting! I adore the colours!

  4. Looks great! When do we see belly pics, or is that not going to happen? Some people love to show off their "bump", others, not so much so...


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