09 September, 2010

My Creative Space

I wish my life was this organised.
But my life isn't organised, I wish it was. I even make lists but then I end up with piles of lists.
I wish I could just do one thing at once and not start a new project until the last one was finished.
Sitting here writing this, I am staring at:
- a table waiting to be sanded, whitewashed, then decorated with crazy quotes then varnished,
- another table waiting to decorated with used stamps then glossed,
- my tax return that needs to be lodged before October,
- a crocheted bag that's only a quarter of the way completed,
- birthday presents that need to be posted,
- small granny square blanket for my bub in the belly,
- the round crochet blanket for the bub in my belly,
- a dress that is scrunched up waiting to be repaired,
- a pile of yarn that I started to wind into balls but then lost interest,
- a credit card bill that needs to be paid,
- a crazy quilt that has been slowly growing over the past 10 years,
- a stack of crocheted flowers that were supposed to be started for a gift but weren't,
- 3 novels waiting to be read,
- socks that are waiting to be darned,
- a canvas with just the background painted on it,
- a letter started to a someone with Dear Godfrey all that it has written on it so far,
- the daisy shawl that I haven't touched in ages,
- a pile of fabric yo-yo's waiting to be sewn together,
- a square of lino waiting to be carved for Xmas cards,
- Preggy Bellies dvd waiting to be watched & exercised too!

Yes, I am the queen of the started and put aside!

So, what have you been up too? Have you joined in with My Creative Space?