09 September, 2010

My Creative Space

I wish my life was this organised.
But my life isn't organised, I wish it was. I even make lists but then I end up with piles of lists.
I wish I could just do one thing at once and not start a new project until the last one was finished.
Sitting here writing this, I am staring at:
- a table waiting to be sanded, whitewashed, then decorated with crazy quotes then varnished,
- another table waiting to decorated with used stamps then glossed,
- my tax return that needs to be lodged before October,
- a crocheted bag that's only a quarter of the way completed,
- birthday presents that need to be posted,
- small granny square blanket for my bub in the belly,
- the round crochet blanket for the bub in my belly,
- a dress that is scrunched up waiting to be repaired,
- a pile of yarn that I started to wind into balls but then lost interest,
- a credit card bill that needs to be paid,
- a crazy quilt that has been slowly growing over the past 10 years,
- a stack of crocheted flowers that were supposed to be started for a gift but weren't,
- 3 novels waiting to be read,
- socks that are waiting to be darned,
- a canvas with just the background painted on it,
- a letter started to a someone with Dear Godfrey all that it has written on it so far,
- the daisy shawl that I haven't touched in ages,
- a pile of fabric yo-yo's waiting to be sewn together,
- a square of lino waiting to be carved for Xmas cards,
- Preggy Bellies dvd waiting to be watched & exercised too!

Yes, I am the queen of the started and put aside!

So, what have you been up too? Have you joined in with My Creative Space?


  1. Yep, lists are pointless for me too. I struggle everyday with just the thought of organization let alone actually doint it.

  2. i know how you feel... My spare room is full of unfinished projects..

  3. Oh my God, and I thought I was the one who started a lot of things and left them unfinished....
    but don't be upset. It happens to all crafters. Just leave them where they are, and pick up one at a time when you feel like it... with NO guilt feelings. It's not wasted. It's just not finished... he he

  4. Phew! That's a long list! How simple would life be if it was that organised? A bit of chaos is needed... right?? lol
    Have a great day :)

  5. sounds just like home-minus the pregnant belly. sometimes i cull the list by writing each project down on a slip of paper, put them in a jar, pick one and just do it

  6. I have a pile of lists as well! Good luck with all your stuff.

  7. You are definitely not alone. I'd hate to list all the unfinished stuff I have started because that would depress me. Set small goals, and enjoy the process.

  8. I have a pile of lists too and numerous projects about the house unfinished, so you are definitely not alone. Maybe we should start a club LOL

  9. not alone at all --- those biscuits even look to organised to me ;)

  10. Have you been sitting in my studio writing this post??? I do get a lot of project completed, but like you I have millions unfinished. Today I am thrilled to have received a heat gun so I can start encaustics and a cheese making kit….More exciting projects to start!!!! Hope you get of your project finished this week and then you can feel positive as you tackle the rest.

  11. I bow down to you oh mighty Queen. I thought my "to do's" were bad!! hehe!

  12. I have organised chaos myself, which is to say no organisation or organisation for a split second and then it is gone. Good at making mental lists and that is about it.

  13. You're definately not alone - my lists are endless!

  14. Oh I'm a listmaker alright! I just wish it helped me get more organised!!!

  15. The fact that you are comparing an organised life to a carton of cream filled biscuits indicates to me that you would go nuts if your life was organised. Really. Look at all those amazing projects you have on the go - you obviously like to keep busy and have a brain that just can't stop creating! The fact that you can list all of those projects suggests that you are far more organised than you give yourself credit for!! x

  16. :-) Love your post **smiling**

  17. I've given up on organised. It ain't happening in this lifetime. Besides, I have theories it would get BORING(??). Embrace Flying By the Seat Of Your Pants, I reckon!


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