13 September, 2010

Tutorial.... How to make a glue-string bowl

Do you like this dinky string bowl?
Wanna make one too?
Here's how, it's easy!
You will need: a mould (vase or bowl), pva glue, tray to pour glue into, string, scissors, plastic kitchen wrap, plastic bag, gloves.
Firstly cover the mould with the plastic wrap (as you don't want the string to actually stick to the mould!).

Cut the plastic bag in half & layout on the surface - to protect your surface from the odd glue spots!
Cut a length of string, approx 30cm & dip the first 2-3cm into the glue & ensure that string is thoroughly covered with glue.
Start to twirl the glue onto the base of the mould, take your time, there's no rush!
Once the first couple of rows are twirled onto the mould, you can then start to easily wind the string around, covering with glue and firming against the previous row as you go.
Once you hit the edge &start to build the wall of the bowl, it starts to get a little easier.
Smear glue around the string edge and wind plain string (no glue needed yet) around &around the bowl until you get the size you require.
Then squirt on some glue & rub onto the string, pushing the string tight against the earlier rows, smoothing if needed.
Set aside to dry.
Once dry, slowly remove the mould then peel back the plastic wrap, neaten up the excess dried glue with scissors if necessary!
And voila!
Oh, and the reason for the plastic covering your workspace? It doesn't matter how careful you are - there are always a few glue drops that escape your attention!

Skill level:
Let me know if you make one, I'd love to see it!


  1. ooh I love this - I'm going to try and make one with butcher's twine - I'll keep you posted!

  2. great tute I found you over on Pips blog :)

  3. So cute!! And so easy, I am definitely going to try this, thanks for sharing!

  4. visiting from craftilicious link party. This is fantastic. what a great and easy tutorial to follow


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