28 September, 2010

List of Annoyances..

These things annoy me....

- Buying a new ball of wool only to find that they have joined it with a knot in the middle of ball.
- Signing up to a blog swap, following through on your side but receiving nothing in return from your swap partner.
- People cutting in front of you in a line (especially when you've been patiently standing there for a few minutes).
- (Accidently) finding out that you have won a competition but never receiving your prize.
- Colleagues not changing the water bottle at work.... it's not my job!!
- Breaking 1 fingernail when you've just managed to get all 10 the same length.
- Misplacing the key to window winder, I know I didn't need it in the winter, but I sure need it now that it is spring.
- Realising that you never banked your tax return cheque (a year later).
- Finally remembering a great recipe to use the beetroot for & realising that the beetroot has been sitting in the fridge for over 2 months. (oops).
- My neighbour playing (& singing) very loud Michael Jackson music 11pm at night.
- Getting stuck in the rain at lunch when you just decided to pop down the road for a sandwich.
- Realising the clock I have been staring at all day at work is 1/2 hour slow.........

What annoys you?


  1. Rie, don't get me started!! Although, I must say that "Realising that you never banked your tax return cheque (a year later)" wouldn't fall under my list of annoyances... that would be on my list of WINDFALL! Break out the champers!! x

  2. I never received my first giveaway win that was really annoying. Loud music late at night is pretty selfish. I hate my fingernails breaking (which is a lot as i have bitten them for years and they aren't very strong). Signing up for a swap and not really getting something to your taste (more disappointing I guess). The line thing annoys me especially if I have over tired little ones with me and JUST WANT TO GET HOME!! :-) But I had a friend once say - you are only annoyed if you let your self get annoyed - I try to think of this often (and tell the kids this) but it is a battle sticking to it I can tell you!


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