28 September, 2010

List of Annoyances..

These things annoy me....

- Buying a new ball of wool only to find that they have joined it with a knot in the middle of ball.
- Signing up to a blog swap, following through on your side but receiving nothing in return from your swap partner.
- People cutting in front of you in a line (especially when you've been patiently standing there for a few minutes).
- (Accidently) finding out that you have won a competition but never receiving your prize.
- Colleagues not changing the water bottle at work.... it's not my job!!
- Breaking 1 fingernail when you've just managed to get all 10 the same length.
- Misplacing the key to window winder, I know I didn't need it in the winter, but I sure need it now that it is spring.
- Realising that you never banked your tax return cheque (a year later).
- Finally remembering a great recipe to use the beetroot for & realising that the beetroot has been sitting in the fridge for over 2 months. (oops).
- My neighbour playing (& singing) very loud Michael Jackson music 11pm at night.
- Getting stuck in the rain at lunch when you just decided to pop down the road for a sandwich.
- Realising the clock I have been staring at all day at work is 1/2 hour slow.........

What annoys you?