18 June, 2013

Taa daa for my hottie!

Yay for me, that's what I'm feeling today! Yep, I am feeling very proud of myself! 
I finished my hottie for the #hottiechallenge2013.  

It was the very first time I entered the challenge and yes, it was a challenge (especially for me!).  I chose the colours of Autumn and decided to bring in the warmth that winter needs by using woollen yarn.
the back of the hottie - it's a little higgledy piggledy!
And below is a close up of the groovy new pattern that I discovered on Ravelry & was wanting to try out... do you like the pattern?
For more details on the Hottie Challenge, click here.
For more details on the groovy crochet pattern, click here.


  1. Been following these on Instagram yours looks Lovely

  2. So cute! I love that stitch pattern.

  3. I sure do ... that pattern is 100% fab.

  4. You will have thebest dressed hottie! Love it


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