25 June, 2013

Taa daa

I finally (finally!!!) finished the tunic dress that I was knitting for bubba Joe's girliefriend Zoey.  
I had to undo it heaps, reknit, undo, reknit - ugh!  This dress was an extreme test of my patience but I think it was worth it in the end, what do you think?

The dress lying flat before I sewed it together.
What did I learn whilst making the dress, hmm, besides patience that is?!!  Well, I learnt how to cast on at the end of a row, button holes, short rows (amidst long rows), w&t (wrap & turn) and did I mention patience?!  I also learnt how to 'trust' a pattern & not use what I would call common sense - this pattern is truly written to confuse you. In fact, my mother also knitted it (who is a seasoned knitter with over 40yrs knitting experience) and she said she found the pattern hard to follow!
So yes, I was really disappointed in this pattern. I mean, if you are going to publish a pattern, surely you would have sent it to 'testers' to make sure it reads properly & not ask you to do unnecesary things like "place a stitch marker here" - for no reason what-so-ever!  And especially, you would send this pattern to testers if you were to sell the blasted thing.

Anyway, if you want more details & pics of the dress/pattern click here.


  1. The dress is beautiful! It is sad that they wear them a few time and the have grown out of them! This is gorgeous

  2. Lovely dress, i like that flowing pattern.



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