10 September, 2018

Butterfly wings

Four days from her fifth birthday, Laney asks "Pweeze Mumma, can I have butterfly wings for my birthday. I want to fly like a butterfly." How can I refuse such a cute request!
Luckily, I as soon as she asked for them, I knew exactly what pattern to use!

The wings were actually pretty easy to make, the hardest bit is deciding on colour choices and then discovering that I didn't have the right interfacing!  

I wanted to use a sturdy foam on the inside as I know how much she would be using these and the foam would stand up to play on the trampoline and long walks to school (& wrestling her brother too). I kinda ran out of time with the straps (I finished these 10pm the night before her birthday), so I just used some sparkly glitter elastic instead.
She loves the wings. I got a great big hug as soon as she opened her gift and she then popped them on straight away and ran around the house singing "I'm a butterfly, I'm a butterfly".

Pattern was this one.
Fabric was vintage sheet - you can buy them as fabric here..
Foam was this stuff (my fave).
Firm stabilizer.
Glitter elastic here..
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