17 September, 2018

I made a Hobby Horse!

I made this hobby horse and yes, it was easy and yes, my kids love it!

It looks harder to make than it actually was. In fact, my hubby asked me where I bought it from and when I told him that I had made it, he was totally surprised! 

Pattern from here... but whilst you're over there looking at the pattern, buy the kit and make life even easier for yourself because all you have to do is then add the stick which is just a broom handle.

Oh.. I turned it into a unicorn by adding a removable glitter horn!
I just made a cone from glitter felt and then attached some glitter elastic, so either the horse can have the horn or my Laney can pop it on her head!.

Grab some glitter felt from here or here.
Grab some glitter elastic from here.

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