10 September, 2012

I need your help.... please!

I need your advice - pretty please with cherries on top!
You see, I've made this cowl and well, I'm not happy with it. I thought it would sit nicely, softy over my chest but ugh, it doesn't - the yarn/crochet is too stiff, it's not long enough to wrap around my neck twice & I quite frankly feel like a duffus (as the photo shows!).

The yarn I'm using is Noro Taiyo but, sigh, I dunno, it's just not sitting right.
What do you think, should I undo it & give up?
Should I undo it & make it larger (longer)?
Should I add the second ball & make it taller to cover my ugly mug?

Should I undo it & use a real pattern rather than experimenting and failing badly?
Should I undo it & just make a scarf?
Have you used Noro before? It will get softer won't it?  (it' 40% cotton, 30% silk, 15% wool & 15% nylon)
...help me please...
Oh and I did ask my hubby for advice ..his answer:: what is a cowl?