10 September, 2012

I need your help.... please!

I need your advice - pretty please with cherries on top!
You see, I've made this cowl and well, I'm not happy with it. I thought it would sit nicely, softy over my chest but ugh, it doesn't - the yarn/crochet is too stiff, it's not long enough to wrap around my neck twice & I quite frankly feel like a duffus (as the photo shows!).

The yarn I'm using is Noro Taiyo but, sigh, I dunno, it's just not sitting right.
What do you think, should I undo it & give up?
Should I undo it & make it larger (longer)?
Should I add the second ball & make it taller to cover my ugly mug?

Should I undo it & use a real pattern rather than experimenting and failing badly?
Should I undo it & just make a scarf?
Have you used Noro before? It will get softer won't it?  (it' 40% cotton, 30% silk, 15% wool & 15% nylon)
...help me please...
Oh and I did ask my hubby for advice ..his answer:: what is a cowl?


  1. Maybe more open space in the crochet so it has space to lay.

  2. hi! i crochet since i was 5, i'm 42 now and if i received a penny every time i had to undone and redo... i'll be rich! in my experience: is the best way to learn, not the fastest, but if you take notes, measures, etc, it can only improve!! I don't know noro yarn, they don`t sell it in my country (not sure, although) do what your heart tell you to do!
    good luck!

  3. the fabric it created looks really dense which is why its not laying the way you were hoping it would. Try making it with a larger hook and maybe to a DC CH1 (skip one stitch) DC CH1. It will be a more airy fabric but it will help it lay nicely.

    Love the yarn

  4. Bummer! Perhaps the hook wasn't big enough? Or perhaps a lacier pattern would work better to get a nicer drape? It's not what you will want to hear, but if it were mine I know I would rip it back and start again because if I'm not happy with it, I know it will just sit in my closet and not get worn.

    These are both nice patterns I think - http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cardiff-cowl


    I haven't used that yarn before. You would think it would get a bit softer after a wool wash, but if the stitches are too tight, it probably won't relax how you want it too.


  5. I have never used that yarn before so I dont know if it would get longer with a soak. I would undo it and knit it twice as long so you can wrap it around your neck how you want to wear it. I usually just knit cowls so that they fit just around my neck so I dont get cold!

  6. Yes it is looking rather Stiff...you Might want to try a thinner wool and something that's soft....even if you made it longer it would still be stiff.
    Good Luck.

  7. I don't know but the yarn is beautiful! Good luck friend!

  8. Hi Rie..longer and thinner I think...and maybe using warmer colours on the edge near your face as the green makes your skin look a little pale. I am sure the next one will make you a lot happier..good luck.

  9. I'm not familiar with the yarn used, but if it's stiff it means your tension is too tight. Use a bigger hook and a lacier pattern, dc rather than sc, tr rather than dc etc would help.

  10. I feel a pillow coming on, nice colours though!

  11. Because of its stiffness I'd go for a scarf OR button up one side, stitch up the other and make it in to a cushion cover! Lol, when I made a cowl, my husband said "Your making A COW?!?!"

  12. I haven't used Taiyo, but I have used other Noro yarns and most of them soften with washing and wearing. In fact, they soften every time you undo the fabric and try again, which I learnt through knitting and re-knitting a scarf many times in Silk Garden, just to get the colour transitions right. I would use swatch in a larger hook and then try soaking it and leaving it to dry and then pick it up and play with it for a few days and see how the fabric changes.

  13. I have never used this yarn but wonder if you keep washing it with fabric conditioner it might soften up a bit ? My sister knitted me a cowl which fits better when it is folded over which also makes it nice and warm and cosy :)

  14. Hi!

    I love the color of the yarn!
    If you want you can check out my "simple cowl" pattern (:
    greetings senna

  15. Well, it doensn't look that bad and the colours are beautiful...
    But if you don't like it, why don't you felt it or simply work around it and make an winter bag?


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