07 May, 2013

It just aint right

Nah, there is something wrong with this pattern, it's just not right.  I've done something wrong. After several days of debating this with myself (& sometimes with a two year old boy), I've decided that I read the pattern wrong but HEY, it's not my fault, the pattern doesn't read smoothly!  
You see, one of the problems with getting patterns off Ravelry is that that normally aren't written by professionals and have unclear instructions in them. Where I went wrong in this pattern is that I turned the project & knitted back down as that is what made sense in the way the pattern was written, in fact, if they had taken their time to write DO NOT TURN - that would have saved me heaps of stress & time!

Do you find this too, that sometimes the patterns from Ravelry are always that clear or is that my muddled head?