03 July, 2011

Ebay'ed fabric

For .99c I purchased 70cm of fabric... 

BUT was totally ripped off with the postage, charged $4 for something that only cost a business envelope & $1.10 postage.  
First time this has happened tho, I won't let it deter me!!


  1. Great fabric, despite the postage! I think sometimes people charge you for their time and add it to the postage.


  2. Suck about the postage! Sometimes I think people just put random numbers in there that they know will cover the cost, but that aren't exactly accurate :P Great fabric though! Got plans for it yet?

  3. Postage is sooo hard to get right - sometimes it's an honest error and others a rip off. I suppose for $5 you still got some awesome fabric.

  4. I can accept a bit more then it says postal label, but if it to much I askıng the seller why it is tooo much)) 90% sending extra money back)But fabric is nice))


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