14 July, 2011

De-Stash Giveaway

A little spring cleaning (in the middle of winter) has found me with lots of craft stuff that I'm never going to use and it needs to go to a good home.......   so I'm giving it away!!!

There are lots of goodies to win like yarn, embroidery stuff, handmade paper, fabric, card stock, buttons, scrapbook decals, pretty pins, kits, fancy elastic, knitting stuff etc etc (more stuff than what is shown)... and it will all go to one lucky person! 

So, how to enter?   Simple....
 - You must be a follower of my blog - just add a comment below to state that you are.
ou can be a new follower (by clicking the  blue JOIN THIS SITE button on the top right hand corner) or you can be an old follower (hey there!) .  The giveaway is open for all followers no matter where you live in this gorgeous world of ours!

 - For an extra chance to win (and a fun thing), have a De-Stash Giveaway on your blog  and add a link to your De-Stash Giveaway in another comment below. That way we can pop on over to your website & enter & have a peek around your blog.  It can be a big De-Stash or a small De-Stash, it's up to you!  

I'll leave this giveaway open for an extra week, so it will give you a chance to organise your De-Stash & link back.

I'll reply to initial comments to remind the entrants to pop back & check out the rest of the comments to enter the other De-Stash giveaways!

Entries close 31st July 2011
And the lucky winner will be drawn on the 1st August 2011

Good luck!