26 August, 2009

Paid In Full

A couple of months ago, I joined the Pay It Forward movement... well, consider it Paid In Full.
People recieved a mish-mosh of some of my favourite things, I hope they liked them.There were a variety of things, everybody receiving something different. There were crochet flowers, necklaces, earrings, bangles, notebooklet and printed cards too.Did you get your PIF? Did you like it?


  1. Hi Rie! Thanks for my lovely bundle of PiF goodies! It's been a week of being overwhelmed by giveaway goodness for me this week - I'm feeling the love :) Thanks again! Kylie x

  2. HI Rie, Thank you so much! Absolutely lovely and very generous. Will blog about it shortly.

  3. Hi Rie, Sorry its taken me a few days to log on and thank you! What a lovely suprise greeted me at my studio door the other day. I really appreciate the work and thoughtfulness in the parcel and I will take some pics and blog about it too. x


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