04 December, 2013

Eeks, I need your help!

add a cherry pink
I started a project, a crocheted cardigan for my baby girl - I was a good girl,  read the pattern, found the yarn, hooks and started the pattern.
Until, I discovered, I read the pattern wrong. Well not the pattern, I guess you'd say I read the ingredients wrong!
add a forest green
add a yellow

add an orange
add a cream

add a navy
I didn't read the amount of yarn needed correctly and I'm going to run out with the sleeves still to crochet. The main two colours are pale & candy pink.
So, this is where you come in.  Do I
...a).. just sew it up as is & use what is left over to make mini  cap sleeves.
...b)..use another colour (see photos for the colours I have available) and add the crochet in a similar style to the rest (& use that new colouras the trim as well).
...c)..toss into into the back of the cupboard unfinished & forget about it.

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