13 December, 2013

On the go: a girlie dress

I had a bright idea to knit baby Laney a dress, the only problem is that the pattern comes in one size 0-3months & she just turned 3 months old this week! Luckily, she is small for her size (currently in 0000) & I actually chose a size larger knitting needles so hopefully all will be ok.
my own crazy way of keeping track of the pattern!
Then I go & give myself a crazy deadline - next week, next Monday in fact! Arghh!  Monday afternoon is my final knitting group for the year so I thought it would be nice to dress Laney in a hand-knitted outfit... what I didn't plan on is being sick with a bad cold and preparations for Joe's birthday on Sunday (he turns 3!).
loving the colour changes in the yarn
Sigh... anyway, wish me luck! (but I don't think it'll be any use, I doubt I'll make my own crazy deadline!)
Details on Ravelry here.

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