02 September, 2014

No knit, no fish

Huh? Have I gone bonkers? Knit & fish? Knit fish? What?

Well, you see.... over the weekend we decided to go fishing but the major dilemma that I faced was ... I didn't have any knitting for the trip - I mean, I can't waste a good car trip with NO knitting!
 What to do?  I frantically searched the house for a project. I found a pattern, found the needles, found the yarn but bugger.... it needed winding into a ball. So, disgusted, I threw that behind the couch(!).  Onto the search again, this time I dived into the corner of crap in my bedroom & voila  - a kit - all ready to go!  Whoo hoo! 

So it looks like I am knitting a shawl...sigh, oh well, it's better than no knitting!

So once home again, I decided to be better prepared & to 'shout' myself a new knitting kit that will sit patiently waiting under the front seat of the car, awaiting knitting trip emergencies!  Which, of course, then meant I had to go 'window shopping' on the web!
Spinning Yarns Weaving Tales -  Linen Stitch Cowl Knitting Kit - 'Precious Jewels'
This is the kit (above) that I decided on it's by SpinYarnWeaveTales and these ones below are the ones that I'm also thinking of for next time!
NEW! Portico Mini Sweater Kit - Contains: PDF Pattern and Aspen Sport Yarn in Colorway of Choice DIY Kit: Knit Baskets Big - Paper Twine - personalize and choose your colors - easy and fun - no knitting skills required 
Grand Granny Kit - diy Colourful Crochet Kit, including PDF Pattern ready to ship by CrochetObjet Paper Lanterns Cowl Kit - Contains: PDF Pattern and One Skein of Orion Yarn in Colorway of Choice 

I do love a kit but sadly, that was really all the kits that I could find before I gave up. Do you know of any kits that include patterns that are available?

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