30 September, 2014

Oh you, crafty bloggers.

Well hello there!
Did you know about the Universal Craft Blog Directory that I have on my blog? Well, it was started back in 2011 and now has....wait for it.... over 900 craft blogs on the directory! 
Wow right!
So, first things first...
~ are you on the directory
~Have you put a link to the directory on your fabulous craft blog (just copy the above link & link back to here..or maybe you have already checked it out in the past but have you checked it out lately to see all the great new crafty blogs that have been added.

Did you know that the directory has had over 33,000 views! Wow again right!

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  1. This is one the best craft. I have a huge collection of crafts. Now i add this craft to my collection


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