08 September, 2014

It's not supposed to be like that...

This was going to be a "hey, check out my fab yarn & cute crochet dress" blog post but it's not. No, it's a blog post with me hitting my hand to forehead & saying "it's not supposed to be like that".

Why?  Well, look below, this is the back (shoulder part) of the dress that I was crocheting for my baby girl. I was crocheting it out of the wool that I spun when I was still in school and it was supposed to be for her first birthday which is this Wednesday but no, it's going in the bin. If you look at the back, it's supposed to be even on both sides as these are the shoulder straps, the neckline is fine it's just that the shoulders are all wonky & terrible.
I could blame it on the pattern (it was free after all), I could blame it on the fact that I was watching a heart wrenching movie & crocheting at the same time. You could also blame it on the fact that I hate reading patterns. Nope, I'm going to go with 'it wasn't meant to be'. You see, I have never really loved this yarn, I can't photograph it properly to actually showcase the true colours - it is actually bright aqua & bright pink. The yarn is from my early teens when I was spinning wool that turned out as thick as my little finger to as thin as a strand of cotton - not an ideal thing to actually knit or crochet into a garment.
You could also say that I am in major denial of my lil cheeky baby girl turning one on me this week. You know she is doing this deliberately right, growing up on me that is.

Anyway, that is my sob story for the week. I think I will go eat some chocolate unless you want to tell me a funny joke or story.

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