15 September, 2014

The Project Bag Swap - the swapped is sent!

Wow, you guys are amazing!  
Not only did you make some truly amazing project bags but everyone that signed up for the swap actually sent their bags in! Yep, that's right, no-one ending up opting out! I think that must be a first with a swap - well, a first for me anyway!  You see, whenever I have participated in a swap in the past, I would go to all the effort of making something special & send it off to then either ...get something, well ummmmmm.... or I didn't get anything at all!  So when I decided to create this swap, I made it so that EVERYONE that participated received something in return AND I tried to match 'effort with effort'.
These are the three bags that I made for the swap.
So now that the swap is over & the parcels have been posted back to my lovely swappers (see above piccie of just some of the parcels ready to be mailed) I am thinking ahead to another swap & am thinking ....potholders - but I'll keep you up to date with that idea as it develops.

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