09 September, 2014

He loved them!

It was Fathers Day here in Australia over the weekend but what does one give a Dad when the children are too young to make anything fab/decent/useful/not scribbled.

Hmm, what to buy...  how about these fab hankies!
This fly is my total favourite - isn't he the cutest.
I totally have to recommend the store to you, the service was super quick, the postage was cheap as they came in envelopes AND the seller actually refunded the excess postage charges, yep, refunded the excess without me asking - how cool is that!
So, when thinking gifts for guys or even gals, check out the store Snotty Brat - they have especially fab designs and if you need to post the present to someone, this is truly the thing to get them as they tuck neatly inside a birthday/greeting card.
Also, I was just checking out their store & found this super fab t-shirt, I think the saying will make me giggle for the rest of the day!
LADIES MUSTACHE tshirt  choose from six different colors


  1. The hankies are wonderful, creative, and unique! Bet he did love them! I don't really understand the stash stuff. I guess I just don't get it! So send me an email and explain because your friend doesn't get it! Have a wonderful week!

  2. You are a cutie Lisa!
    Ok, firstly... the stash is pronounced Moustache or Must-stash right.. so..... I would love to stay but I really must dash (must stash) .
    Say it fast... must stash, must dash...


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