16 September, 2014

A quickie project (I hope!)

As a treat to myself I joined a seasonal yarn club, what a great way to celebrate Spring than with new yarn!  I received the first yarn in the post last week & quickly ran to the computer to look up patterns or inspiration and then thought to myself I'll just give it a shot - I'll use this yarn to experiment.
So I'm working on a cardigan for my baby girl, I was going to do a dress but after finishing this much of it, I won't have the length for a dress but will have enough for a cardigan (I hope).
This is the top bit of the cardigan, the yoke. You can see what it looks like as I'm working on it in the round but it will fold over (like the second photo) to be shoulders & chest. 
I'll keep you posted on how it works out.... if it works out that is!

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