04 May, 2015

Catching my breath & saying Hi!

Hey there!  Another week has started and with me being a school Mum now, I'm starting to develop a little routine. Tomorrow is my very first 'Mum's help' at school which basically means that I go in & play with the kids! Joe's teacher is ace as she has said that I can take baby Laney along into the classroom with us.  Oh & speaking of baby Laney, she's not such a baby anymore, I mean check out that top piccie and the one below - she's a little girl now!

The photos were taken at a super quiet beach on Sunday, a place called Coningham Beach and it was like being on a mini holiday. We walked the length of it, had a picnic and dabbled our toes in the water, not bad for an Autumn's day.

Craft news.... I have just finished this shawl.
The shawl was started on Valentines Day, do you remember me talking about a VAL?  I've finally finished it but it took ages as I was teaching myself a new method of knitting called Continental Knitting (rather than the English Knitting that I know). It just needs blocking now... I wonder how long that will take to do, as I still have this pretty shawl awaiting blocking too!

I just have to finish off this blog post with a piccie of Joe. He had his school cross-country race the other week and ran the entire race holding this girls hand, he even finished the race & walked off with her still holding hands.
That's my boy.

I'll be back soon with a catch-up for the sampler blanket update. I can't believe it's May already, can you?

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