14 February, 2015

Ready, set....... VAL!

Hello and Happy Valentines day to you!   Are you starting the VAL today?  Are you getting any 'love' today? (erk, please don't go into too many details!!) I thought I'd share some love with you & some goodness.

Firstly, remember to spoil yourself this Valentines Day. Yep, even if you have someone else in your life, please remember to do something for you!  ... I speak from experience here, my hubby & I have been together for almost 19yrs now and I have learnt to not depend on the bloke for Valentine Day spoils!  (that is why I started the VAL!)
This is the yarn that I'll be using for my VAL, a shawl. Isn't it divine! It's so soft & squishy and I bought it before I found out about the discounts I'm about to tell you about... I wish I had waited and bought it below, I mean 20% & 15% discounts are not to be sneezed at!

Ok, so the discounts.......

~ 20% off yarn  - yummy hand dyed yarn including mini skeins (I'm a sucker for mini skeins).
Use discount code: 2015SamplerBlanket   Discount valid on purchases over $24

~ 15% off  fabric & quilt supplies.  Yep, make yourself a warm snuggly quilt for your VAL!
Use discount code: 2015SamplerBlanket  Discount valid on purchases over $5.

...so what are you doing still sitting here reading this, go ahead & VAL or go ahead & check out the discounts!

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