09 February, 2015

Tea and Stitches

Another day, another hour and a reason to stop & breathe.

As if you didn't need a reason to stop & have a break but I am giving you one anyway.  Just stop. Breathe.
There, do you feel a little better?  Fancy a cuppa now?

The knitting that I'm currently chomping away at is my 'car craft' knitting. I'm trying to get it finished so I can start another as I'm keen to try a new knitting style, a style that is faster but I need to finish this as I don't want the knitting tension to change.
Patience is needed.

Do you have 'car craft' project? What do you do on long drives (if you're not driving that is), what do you do whilst sitting in the car park waiting for something/someone?

Also, have you entered the giveaway yet?
Are you going to take part in the VAL?
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