23 February, 2015

Something to stop my twiddling thumbs!

I have this weird thing going on where I just can't sit there & NOT have a crochet blanket on the go. I don't know why, it's not like I need another blanket as I have a trunk full of them!

And you have to admit, that ball of wool looks kind of fun right!?  So I went and bought some & started hooking a blanket. Of course after about three attempts of crochet, undo, crochet undo, crochet,  I finally decide upon a rectangular type of blanket.
The yarn is soft & squishy and it's only acrylic but hey, I couldn't resit the colours!

I'll let you know how it progresses, I think I'll crochet it up to a single bed size for either Joe or maybe baby Laney when she moves to a bed.

psst... it's not my only blanket on the go, I have another 3 stashed in the cupboard but apparently they aren't 'flavour of the month' with me!