04 February, 2015

and yes, I cried

So this happened today.
My son, my baby boy, my first born child started school.
He started school, Kindergarten and he is only 4 years old & has turned 4 just over a month ago.

Here in Tasmania, they start school normally at the age of 5 (or the year they turn 5) and go into Kindergarten, then prep then it's grade 1 through to grade 6 then they start High School grade 7 to grade 10. Then college: grades 11 & 12, then University or other higher education or trade or whatever. He will go to school three days a week, half days on Wednesday.

I wish I had him home for another year, in fact when I was pregnant, if I had delivered him just ten days later then I would have but alas no, he will probably be one of the youngest in the class.

I made my hubby take today off work (he's also taking tomorrow off too). I felt that this was a major event for our family, the next step that we should take all together.... also I knew I'd cry like a baby and he'd have to handle the actual baby (Delaney)!

So yes, I did cry but I didn't cry in front of Joe.
...and thank goodness he didn't cry, that would have broke me & I would have grabbed him & ran home with him in my arms refusing to take him back!
So we left him with a smile at the school playing with some toys and when we collected him, he still had a smile on his face & is eager to go back tomorrow.

And here is me with my beautiful son, Joe on his very first day of school.
 I love him to bits & being a mum (& a stay at home mum) is the best job in the world.