04 February, 2015

and yes, I cried

So this happened today.
My son, my baby boy, my first born child started school.
He started school, Kindergarten and he is only 4 years old & has turned 4 just over a month ago.

Here in Tasmania, they start school normally at the age of 5 (or the year they turn 5) and go into Kindergarten, then prep then it's grade 1 through to grade 6 then they start High School grade 7 to grade 10. Then college: grades 11 & 12, then University or other higher education or trade or whatever. He will go to school three days a week, half days on Wednesday.

I wish I had him home for another year, in fact when I was pregnant, if I had delivered him just ten days later then I would have but alas no, he will probably be one of the youngest in the class.

I made my hubby take today off work (he's also taking tomorrow off too). I felt that this was a major event for our family, the next step that we should take all together.... also I knew I'd cry like a baby and he'd have to handle the actual baby (Delaney)!

So yes, I did cry but I didn't cry in front of Joe.
...and thank goodness he didn't cry, that would have broke me & I would have grabbed him & ran home with him in my arms refusing to take him back!
So we left him with a smile at the school playing with some toys and when we collected him, he still had a smile on his face & is eager to go back tomorrow.

And here is me with my beautiful son, Joe on his very first day of school.
 I love him to bits & being a mum (& a stay at home mum) is the best job in the world.


  1. Oh my heart breaks for you, and I have tears in my eyes too. I remember that moment so well, just like it was yesterday. In fact it was over thirty years ago that my first born had her first day at school. And might I add that it doesn't get any easier when your next child starts school either.
    I am so please that Joe enjoyed his day and is looking forward to more. Enjoy each and every moment because they really do grow up too fast.

    1. Thank you! Wow, I can't even begin to imagine what life will be like thirty years from now ... I can't even fast forward my thinking to start organising Easter!!

  2. Such a big boy! What happened! I cried when each one went off to school! David is the second youngest 4th grader (the first a little tiny girl - day younger). They both turned 4 and started preK a couple days later. The younger olds stick together usually making lasting friendships. Don't worry you will be fine!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I didn't let Joe see me cry, I cried all the way home! He is enjoying school now as he has discovered that they have a library & that every second week they get to cook at school!

  3. My little girl started kinder too. I was fine dropping her off - but somebody asked me how I was as I was walking away from her classroom and I almost cried. And when I got home I cried and cried! Then I started enjoying the peace and quiet ;)
    She's loving school but did you know it's not compulsory to send kids to kinder? You could actually keep him home for another year and then he could go into prep next year. I don't think Elora would let me do that!
    I hope he's settling in really well x

    1. I was thinking about sending him straight to Prep next year then I thought about it & I would have been 'putting him behind' by not making friends in Kinder and basically, Kinder is just basically play & a little learning. I'm ok now that he is ok. ... I think the build up was worse than the actual first day! I hope your lil girl is doing fine & having fun too!


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