26 January, 2015

How about a VAL?

Do you love yourself? Huh, I hear you ask, what a stoooopid question.  Well, the reason I'm asking is that Valentines Day is coming up and sometimes we don't feel loved on the day of love and I want to fix that.

Would you like to participate in a VAL? 
A VAL, is like a KAL, CAL or SAL (eg knit-alongs) but this is a Valentine-along for yourself. You make something (knit, crochet, sew, bake etc) for yourself.

Yes, you make something that you will love, adore & cherish.

I had my own little VAL last year, I made the above wrap for myself & started knitting it on Valentines Day and I totally love it because for once I was selfish in my crafting and made something just for me.

What are the rules? How do I join in?
Rules? hmm, let's keep it simple.
... you must make something for yourself (not for your Valentine but for you)
... you must make something that you will love or something that you have coveted for a long time.
... start in on Valentines Day

See, not many rules and heck, I don't care if you start this now ...just make something for yourself!

I've been lusting over this shawl for ages, so that is what I'll be making myself.... can you help me choose the colours? I am crap at picking colours.....  maybe a slate grey but what colour stripes?

If you do join in, remember to share your projects with #2015VAL