13 January, 2015

Taa daa... The Crochet Mood Blanket!

Woo hoo!  A year of my life has gone into this blanket, it first started here and now it is finished.

A year.
I started this when my baby girl was just 4 months old and now here she is year on!
The blanket is toddler length in a squarish shape.
It's fun to watch Joe & Laney's reaction to the finished blanket, you see for a year they have watched me make it but they couldn't touch ...and now, well now it's a cubby house, a wrestling mat and apparently a rope for a tug of war!

 Oh my, isn't she just adorable....

 ..sibling love..
 It's hard to photograph as my house isn't spacious but here it is on the back of the couch ...

 and then turned around to see the other side...

So what now?
Well, now I take a break for a day. I promised myself that I would buy myself a colouring book but now I'm thinking that I should make another one, just for fun!  I think another 'chaos' style blanket would be fun with big squares & little squares of whatever I feel like on the day. I can't decide upon a colour scheme yet, I'm trying to decide between this vintage rainbow pack, this candy pop pack or this thick tuff puff pack for a big small blanket ..if you know what I mean!!

Are you wondering how I did the pompom border? If so, then the tutorial is here.....


  1. There it is in all it's glory! Great work. Such a big project. You must smile each time you look at it finished?! Your little ones look happy indeed to have such loveliness to play with. :)

    1. Thanks Christina. Sometimes you can fall out of love with big projects but I think the different size squares & the unplanned approach of this kept me going...and yes, I am still smiling at it!

  2. I love the way the squares differ in sizes and the border is so cute! What a work it must have been, congratulations!

  3. it is stunning! Congratulation!

  4. Looks awesome! Well done :)


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