12 January, 2015

Make yourself a PomPom border

To crochet this pretty multi-coloured pompom border, you first need to add a chain row that is the 'loopy chain' that we then add the pompoms too (I've done my loopy chain in white).
Use your favourite crochet hook, I like these ones and then your yarn and follow the instructions below:

Foundation step..
~ every third stitch you need to do a sc, 7 ch then a sc into the next 3rd stitch. Continue around round the blanket or row slip stitching to the sc to join and cut yarn and weave in the end.

To start your pompom, choose your colour, in this tutorial I have chosen to crochet a green pompom next to the pink pompom.
Step 1..
~ in the middle of the 7 chain (the 4th chain stitch), insert your crochet hook 

Step 2..
~ chain 3 (weave in the end as you go)

Step 3..
~ yarn over, insert hook into that same stitch as the first chain & loop the yarn (like you would for a double crochet/treble)

Step 4..
~ yarn over & draw the yarn through the first two stitches, leaving two stitches on your hook

Step 5..
~ yarn over, insert hook into that same stitch as the first chain & loop the yarn. Yarn over again & draw the yarn through the first two stitches, leaving three stitches on your hook. Repeat this again until your have four stitches on your hook.

Step 5..
~ yarn over & draw through all four stitches
Step 6..
~ yarn over & draw through the stitch. You have now made one side of the pompom (which is kind of like a cluster).
Step 7..
~ repeat steps 3 - 6

Step 8..
~ to close this second cluster & form it into the pompom cluster,
join with a slip stitch into the same stitch you used in step 1 (on the white chain)
You can then do a single crochet & cut yarn, weaving in the ends back into the pompom is what gives the double cluster the pom pom shape.
..see not as hard as it seemed!

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  1. I like it!!! Thank you . :)

  2. My pleasure, enjoy making it!

  3. Anonymous30 May, 2016

    Замечательная идея! Огромное спасибо!!!

  4. This is just a real fun edging. Love it

  5. Does anyone know if this link still exist? I click it and it keeps bringing me to the same page...?

    1. The "...click here to read more..." link that expands the article and shows the pattern I'm assuming...

    2. Hmm, ok .. I think I might have done it (well, done something anyway) .. try again & let me know!


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