23 January, 2015

The idea and the planning

I have so many ideas, most are well...crap and some are good & perhaps even workable.
My idea for the #2015SamplerBlanket is to make a type of quilt thingy, kind of. Well, you see I have a vision to make quilted blocks & embroider things onto them & then crochet them together.
Make sense? Nope.

Ok, let's try again.
I'll use this fabric, it's precut into a Layer Cake (it was already in my stash), I will then take one square and embroider or perhaps applique something onto it. I will then sandwich it with batting & another layer cake square and quilt together. I will then sew around the edges (all the way around) and then crochet an edge to it and put it aside and start the next months block.  Eventually, (hopefully) I will have 12 quilted blocks that I can then use a join-as-you-go crochet technique to join them.
Hmm...  it makes more sense in my head but can you picture it?  Remember you Grandma's old handkerchief with the lacey crochet borders, picture that but as a quilt block.
I know I should really do a test block but nope, I'm going to throw myself in at the deep end and give it a shot!

So... anyone tell me if I can get precut batting?? ....and do I have to prewash backing? (I'm being lazy and I'm not prewashing the layer cake fabric!)


  1. You don't prewash batting nor does it usually come precut in small blocks. For the top and backing of your quilt - you either wash all or none. I never prewash a quilt. I wash after it is all quilted up. You quilt sounds very interesting, I cannot wait to see your first block.

  2. A girl like myself, in at the deep end no matter what. Kicking and screaming for the rest of the journey!! Good luck.

    1. aah, I'm not the only one then! ...phew!

  3. I always wash fabric first, but not when it's pre cut. If you was when the quilt us finished you can get a nice wrinkly effect. You'll have to cut the batting into squares though I think, sorry!


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