05 January, 2015

When things aren't as easy as they seem

I somehow keep making more work for myself. 
You see, I had almost finished my crochet blanket but then just as I was finishing the last edging rows I had this crazy idea to edge it in pompoms. Yep, everybody said to do it (when I asked peeps on Instagram), so I did..... but it is taking ages & ages & ages and it's summer here so here I am, sitting in the stuffy heat and I've got this blasted blanket on my lap as I make one pompom at a time. Sigh. I was so close to finishing it & it would have been completed on January 1st but no, now I make pompoms and only dream of starting my Sampler Blanket.

What else have I got to complain about?  Oh yeah, that's right, let's complain about winning the $200 Etsy voucher!  Actually it's more whining than complaining, you see I CANNOT decide what to spend it on!  Crazy hey!  Ok, so here is my dilemma....
Should I
~ buy something for myself
~ buy something for my family (kiddies)
~ buy something for the house
~ buy something for the garden
~ think ahead & buy birthday presents for this year
~ if for myself should I choose yarn, fabric, jewellery, clothing, shoes etc
~ if for my family, do I choose clothing, shoes, toys, gadgets, books etc
~ or for the house do I choose cups, bowls, plates, cutting boards, lamps, books, artwork etc
~ if for the garden do I buy pots, statues, birdhouses etc
and the list goes on & on & on!


Some of the things that have really caught my eye are these:
Climbing the Ladder Earrings in Silver and Gold. Post Earrings. Earrings Studs. Whimsical and Fun. Cool and Cute. Unisex  (PPER-89) woman  feather print  top t shirt 2xs-plus size by hellominky(30)
Lantern Moon Recycled Paper Yarn Bowl Yarn Bowl Personalized with a name - Handmade to Order
Unique stain glass terrariums. Catches sunlight and reflects an amazing spectrum Makes a beautiful gift or creative project for yourself

but hey, I'm lazy..... why don't you window shop an imaginary $200 & help me out with suggestions, pretty please with crafty kisses on top!

In all honesty, I am enjoying finding hidden treasures on Etsy, there are some amazingly talented people out there. So I have decided that I am going to share my discoveries with you, as the people that are selling on Etsy are crafters & deserve the love.  What shall I call my discoveries, something kooky or something simple like Fab Finds?


  1. I love window shopping on ETSY. Have you seen the Home button and the "Feed" section. I love that and regularly spend a half hour browsing what new favourites the people I follow have chosen and look at the new things posted by shops I favourited. You can spend an awful lot of virtual money that way. Why don't you allocate some of your voucher to each section of of your potential spending list. Some for you, some for your house, some for future presents. That way you reduce the scope of what you are looking for and you can limit the price of anything you are looking for. It's a start I guess?

    If you are interested in what I have favourited (and oh my goodness the hand crafted shoes are to die for on ETSY!) then here I am Stitched Together

    1. Ugh, there are like 6 shops with Stitched Together in the title!! ...so I checked them all out & only one had favourites! I actually do check out peoples favourites, it's a great way to find new favs!


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