28 December, 2014

the 2015 Sampler Blanket

So, have you thought about what is going to be your one big project for 2015?  I know I have, I've been sitting here thinking what to make, stitch, crochet or knit for the coming year. 
I've nearly finished my #crochetmoodblanket2014, only a few more rows to go but then what?  I have found it fun & encouraging to participate in a year long project with other crafters & I don't want to lose that momentum or enthusiasm. So... let's start a new project, together!
How about increasing our skills and testing ourselves (just a little bit), would you like to participate in a Sampler Blanket for 2015?
You can knit, crochet, quilt, embroider the blocks.. or rectangles.. or hexagons.. or circles.
You can join as you go or make them continuous or leave them in a pile and join them at the end.
You can make a square every day or week or month or season.... I think I like the square a month idea myself.
You can choose one colour or a multitude of colours. 
Any pattern.
Any design.
Any stitch.
What do you think?
Does this sound like fun to you?

You can join in either here on the blog, on Instagram, Facebook, Ravelry, Flickr, Twitter, Pinterest.
Just use the hashtag #2015SamplerBlanket so we can then all find each other to comment, inspire and motive!  By the way,  there won't be a dedicated Facebook page but you can upload any pictures to your Facebook page & as long as you use the hashtag #2015SamplerBlanket then you can all find each other or you can upload your photos to the CraftyRie Facebook page.

You can add yourself to the linky below (via a blog, Instagram, Facebook) to say that you are joining in or leave a comment on here or anywhere as listed above.

Also, I thought it might be fun to add a map to see where we are all connecting from! So click here.........  to add yourself to the map!  

These are the books that I will be sourcing for my blanket.. yes, I have tossed my quilt book into the pile because fingers crossed I will pull my sewing machine out next year!
The books are:  Crochet Stitch Motifs, The Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt and 400 Knitting Stitches, I also have another fab crochet book but I think baby Laney may have hidden it on me!


  1. I will be so happy if i take part!!! Fantastic idea!!!

    1. Fantastic, so glad you could join in!
      Have you added your name to the Linky above (you can do this even if you haven't got a blog) & remember to add yourself to the map too!

  2. I would like to participate. I am just learning to sew and I think this could be a big challenge for a beginner :)

    1. Fantastic! Remember to add your name to the Linky (you can still do this even if you don't have a blog) & add yourself to the map too! (link above)

  3. On the 14th I celebrated another birthday, and felt the need to mark the passing of this new year. I started a block-a-day crochet blanket. So, seeing as I have already started on my blanket, I'd be very pleased to join your challenge, and be held accountable:) Marya


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