11 December, 2014

this & that

Hey ho!  How are you? Are you more ho than hey?  Are you already over the 'season'??
I'm not really focused on the Christmas bit yet, the advent calendar (above) is the only thing I've done/started for the house as it's bubba Joe's birthday next week and well, my focus has been on my lil boy and the fact that he is starting school next year!  Yep, my lil baby boy will be in kindergarten next year.. sob, how time has flown!

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So onto something chirpier...  these most excellent rings (aren't they just!) were a present to myself for my 40th birthday.  They are copper & have gemstones representing my son & daughter as well as their names stamped onto the band. Now, do you like them?  Did I do good by myself for myself?  I got them from here.... and totally recommend them, I also have my eyes on this... for me as well.

I've also been working on a quick handmade Kris Kringle pressie ...I'll show you more when it's finished and not typing on handed whilst I try to breastfeed Laney at the same time!!

So, come on and tell me what have you been doing?


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    1. Aren't they ace!! Hubby said why didn't get his name on it as well.... I said that I didn't make him that's why!


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