17 December, 2014

Taa daa: The Secret Stash

It twas the night before ... arghh no, to tell you the truth, it was 3 days before I had to put my secret santa pressie into the sack but what was I going to make?  Yep, it was my big idea that we had to make our secret santa pressies as it was for knitting group & well, the whole idea that we get together was to make stuff wasn't it?!   Then BAMMMM, an idea but would it work???

You tell me, did it work? Does it look ok or good maybe?
Oh, what is it? I hear you mutter to yourself.......

Don't cheat by looking down either......
Ok, give up? 
It's a Secret Stash keeper...
or a Choccie Blocker...
or a Choccie cosy...
So now that you know what it is, do you like it??   The ladies in my knitting group LOVED it & they all got a giggle out of it then grabbed it & tried to figure out how to make their own!
What would you think if you received this as a gift?

Do you want to make one of your own now?  Would you like to me right up the pattern?  ..or do you just want to eat the chocolate!!


  1. I love it! A fabulous idea - you are a genius! What a perfect gift to give to those who are so hard to buy for. Thanks for the inspiration, I think my Dad is getting one for Christmas!

    1. I think I need to make myself one too!

  2. You have a great idea but honestly I would eat the chocolate and keep my glasses in it. No I can't make my own but I think others who could would! Very creative and unique! Love it!

  3. Too be honest.... I ate the choccie & had to buy another one for the gift!


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