30 December, 2014

Maybe you could give me some suggestions...

Something fabulous happened to me this morning!
I checked my email (whilst still blurry eyed from sleep) and there was an email stating that I had won a $200 Etsy voucher!!!!!!!! 
Eek!  Two Hundred smackaroos to spend on anything that I wanted in any shop in Etsy!

....but what should I spend it on? This is where I need your help, I'm completely stuck for ideas!  Yep, I know, bit ridiculous isn't it but there is too much to chose from!  Let's see, should I choose this gorgeous necklace, this sloth key holder or this clock stamp. Perhaps there are these rings that are also knitting markers, this yarn dye kit or put the money towards this awesome stained glass.
I really adore this embroidery kit, this doggy planter dish and this terranium.
See, too many choices and I'm sure there are probably a bazillion other fab things to choose from.
So, help me. Do you have a fav Etsy shop or a fav wish item on Etsy???


  1. I say buy yourself that yarn you would never buy because it is expensive, maybe some wool. A handmade ring to celebrate being the greatest Mommy. But spend it quick so no one trys to take 20% for the EU. Love you you really deserved such a treat because you are a wonderful friend!

    1. Awe, you're awesome stuff yourself!


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