19 January, 2015

Project life ... should I? Do you?

I keep hearing things about this thing called Project Life and it looks kinda fun but wonder if I would be able to do it. You need to remember that I am absolutely crap at scrapbooking and still haven't managed to print Delaney's baby photos out.  How much commitment is there? Do you do it weekly or monthly? How basic can you go for it to still look good?

So, tell me... do you use Project Life?  Is it easy? Do you recommend it or is it one of those things that you wish you'd never started but keep trying to do because you don't want to fail?

If you love Project Life, can you recommend any good blogs, websites or online stores for supplies?
I just clicked over here & did a search and then promptly got lost with all the goodies - what do you recommend I start? Honestly, as a newbie there is too much to choose from & I can't seem to find what I need to actually start or begin when I have no idea!
Any & all tips would be appreciated such as where & when do you print your photos!
Kraft Project Life Pack. Journal cards. Includes 45 x (3x4) cards, 8 x folded cards, 9 x (4x6) cards. All packs are mixed. Bonus included.
Kraft Project Life Pack by Hello Today Create
AND if you don't use Project Life, how do you keep/store your photos? You see, I want to start using my photo albums again that have been neglected for years and I want to do it right.

In case you are still wondering what the heck that I'm talking about, I found this video that helped explain it to me.
Project Life - Kiwi card pack by Sticker Shop


  1. I really love Project Life and buy all of my supplies from Spotlight - they have everything!! The best thing I have for Project Life is a mini printer (Selphy) and that's the only reason I stay (mostly) on track - the quality is awesome and it's fab for printing all different sized photos.

  2. Ahh, Spotlight, why didn't I think of that!! ...also, I guess I should test out my printer to see how it prints photos too - thanks for the ideas!


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