21 May, 2015

Hexing Liberty

So, what does one do when one is up to the eyeballs in projects? hmm... she starts another of course!
I signed myself up for a Liberty Hexie swap. Why? I'm not really sure, it just sounded fun and I really wanted to try my hand at 'proper' paper piecing with a 'proper' fabric glue pen. I say 'proper' because this is a swap, so I HAVE to be neat and I HAVE to have perfect lil hexies!

I'll show you piccies once I have glued all the fabric to the hexie papers, hopefully they will all be neat and tidy.

In the meanwhile, can you (pretty please) suggest some things to make with them!  I'll have 42 one inch hexies and I don't want a cushion or a wall hanging that is why I'm stuck for ideas!